Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Poker Tournament - March

Since August, I've been playing in a monthly Texas Hold-em tournament. It is $25 entry and the top 4 get a payout. The top 9 that make the final table each month earn Player of the Year points based on how they finish (usually about 30 guys play each month).

This month, I made the final table without too much drama. I tend to play a pretty tight game letting others take the early low value pots. My best hand of the night came when there about 15 guys left in the tournament fighting for the final table (7 at our table). I've got pocket Q-Q. The small stack went all in and three of us called. The flop produced K-Q-x. Two more people went all in and I called. There were three separate pots since each had a different chip count. My queens held on and I was able to knock out 3 guys in one hand, not to mention bolster my chip count substantially.

Troy and I were both playing at the same table this month and both advanced to the final table (fulfilling Daryl's prophecy that we would both make it this month). Once at the final table, I was about middle of the pack in chip count - about $10000 (we start with $2500). However, I wasn't able to make it last due to getting drawn into a hand I couldn't get away from. I was in the big blind for $2000. The first guy to my left called, everyone folded around to the short stack who called. I checked my cards and found 10-2. I checked figuring I'd see a free flop. Flop comes 10-3-3. I check, the guy to my left checks, and the short stack goes all in for about $2000. We both call. Turn card is a 2. I figure I've got top two pair on the board and given that I was down to about $3000 went all in. Guy to my left immediately calls. We all show and he has A-3 and the short stack has A-A. A ten didn't fall on the river and I was done. And bitter. It was a hand I normally wouldn't touch yet couldn't get away. 7th place finish. Out of the money but a good finish. Troy fared much better than I did finishing 3rd.

This month I've been reading (finshed reading) Mike Caro's book on poker. It had some very good advise and allowed me to formulate a strategy. So far it has worked well. I won 2nd place and $50 at a game two weeks ago (just one table, 10 guys) and did well this last week.

I'm now starting to read "Super System" and try and improve my game some more. We'll see how it goes. I have a tournament on April 1 with 40 guys, $1000 top prize, and the top 10 get a payout.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Golden Gate Park

Wet bar construction

Tearing out the old bar tile counter.

Tile out. Beginning to tear out the counter.

New counter and backerboard installed without the overhang into the family room. Tile set but not grouted yet.

Tile set and grouted. New sink installed with new fixture. Awaiting arrival of bull-nose tile for the side tiles.

New furniture and paint. Room flipped180 degrees from previous configuration.

New entertainment piece. Relocated satelite cable to far wall under the floor.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


"You would not dare to click the link"